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1. What elements affect the duration that a perfume will last?

The concentration of fragrance oils, each person's unique body chemistry, and the particular notes in the perfume composition affect the durability of the perfume.

2. Is it possible to combine several scents in layers?

Indeed, you can combine several scents to create a unique smell. You can prevent the clashing of the scents by selecting complimentary notes.

3. How can I retain my perfume's freshness?

You should store perfumes away from the direct sunlight in a cool, dark place and temperature fluctuations. You can tightly seal the bottles to save them from evaporation.

4. What do you mean by top, middle and base notes?

Fragrance notes are different odours that develop with time. The first impressions are built by Top notes. Middle notes follow these, and then the base notes come next. All these together create a dynamic and changing fragrance experience.

5. Are there fragrances that are suitable for each season?

Yes, some scents are better suited for particular times of year. Richer, cosier fragrances are more prevalent in the winter, while lighter, citrusy scents are typically favoured in the summer.

6. How do I test the smell of the perfume before I purchase it?

Test perfumes on your skin rather than relying solely on paper strips. Your skin's unique chemistry can alter the way a fragrance smells, giving you a more accurate preview.

7. What do you mean by fragrance families?

Fragrance families are basically categories divided on the basis of their odours. These categories can be floral, woody, oriental, and fresh. Understanding these will help you distinguish these fragrances.