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Perfume of Arabia

Savah Oil - Mens

Savah Oil - Mens

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Savah aroma oil embodies purity and invigoration through its fresh citrus notes, while retaining an enticing allure. Its subtle sillage makes it a perfect choice for a professional setting.

Gender: Mens

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: New and fruity, a citrus blast of grapefruit, tart lemon, bergamot and orange meets decadent oriental with a kick of zest to include a challenging touch.

Middle Note: The most luxurious pack of exemplary blossoms sees rose meet gardenia, magnolia and jasmine joined with a fascinating fiery style to add a feeling of setting out to the heart.

Base Notes: Sweet balsamic and new greenery meet exemplary sandalwood, profound patchouli and dull golden, with a sharp musk hit.




"I'm in love with the woody undertones of this perfume. It's masculine and refined." Noah (Newport)





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