How to use Arabian Perfume

How to use Arabian Perfume

1. What exactly are Arabian perfumes?

Arabian scents are a harmonious blend of customs, heritage, and environment. From the delicate floral notes of jasmine to the powerful notes of oud, each of our fragrances demonstrates the spirit of the Middle East.

2. What is the best way to apply perfume to get the excellent results?

Apply perfume to the neck, behind the ears, and wrists. These are pulse points that release heat, which intensifies the scent. Avoid rubbing it with your wrists, as the heat generated will change the aroma.

3. What distinguishes EDP (Eau de Parfum) from EDT (Eau de Toilette)?

Eau de Toilette is lighter than Eau de Parfum because it has a lower concentration of fragrance oils. Higher concentrations of Eau de Parfum typically have longer-lasting power.

4. What function do notes on perfume perform?

The various scent layers within a fragrance are referred to as perfume notes. The fragrance's heart is found in the middle notes, while the base notes leave a lasting impression. The top notes create the first impression.

5. How should one pick the exact perfume for each event?

There are two types of scents: one with intense notes and the other with fresher notes. Choose fresher, lighter scents for the office and during the day. Keep more powerful, richer scents for special occasions and evenings.

6. Do perfumes expire?

Indeed, perfumes have an expiration date. Although their shelf life can be prolonged with proper storage, for the best freshness, perfumes should be used within three to five years of purchase. Otherwise, their fragrance will evaporate.

7. Are the fragrances on Perfumes of Arabia suitable for all skin types?

You can perform a patch test before regular use. All skin types are provided with perfumes that emphasise hypoallergenic and skin-friendly formulas. For sensitive skin types, you can select products that use natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

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