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Women are only fully dressed when they wear their favourite perfumes. At Perfumes of Arabia, we just don’t offer perfumes, but instead, we're giving you a ticket to a world where every scent serves as a constant reminder that you're amazing just the way you a. . . Show More >


1. What aspects should I take into consideration when selecting a perfume for women?

Consider your tastes, the scent's durability, the top, middle, and base notes, as well as how your skin chemistry interacts with the fragrance.

2. How can I choose which fragrance family is best for me?

The families of fragrances are woody, fresh, floral, and oriental. Try out various samples to determine which family most closely matches your preferences and character.

3. Once it's opened, how long does a perfume bottle usually last?

Perfumes have varying shelf lives, but they typically last three to five years after being opened. The expiration process is accelerated by light and air exposure.

4. How do I make sure that the perfume I'm purchasing is a real one?

Make sure the packaging, labels, and batch codes are correct and also buy from reliable sources; by following these steps, you can ensure authenticity.

5. How do I apply perfume so that it's not too strong but still subtle?

Consider spraying perfume into the air and walking into the mist. You can apply perfume to pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears.

6. Are there any recommendations for selecting perfumes as per age?

There are no such hard and fast rules. Younger people are typically associated with lighter, fresher scents, whereas older people may prefer more prosperous, deeper tones.

7. How do I pick a signature fragrance that expresses myself?

Think about your preferences and choices, your way of life, and the feelings you wish to arouse. Try a variety of perfumes and then consider which one suits you best.